11 September 2018 / Club News

Message from WRU Referee Dept.

The referee’s department are currently experiencing a concerning shortfall of referees, especially at L2 where we’re failing to service youth and 2nd team fixtures, as a department we’re doing everything possible to remedy this, but it’s not a simple fix as you can appreciate. Recruitment is proving very difficult. As a department we are looking to recruit from within the clubs themselves, purely to operate as a part time referee in the extreme where we cannot provide one.


To support this, we will be looking to run shortened courses 3-4 hours long (no fee) to licence any volunteers, these could be players themselves, committee, and supporters. Please would it possible to see if any interest can be generated within your club to service this request? If the numbers are promising, we will then start developing and delivering the course ASAP.


This is not just a problem at L2, all the L3 league games were just about covered last week with no referee spare! Please contact us with any names that come forward in your club, or they can contact us direct through

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